Does out of home advertising really work?

OOH Advertising is about messaging to consumers when they are in public places, commuting to work, waiting (in elevators, taxi parks etc.) and in specific commercial locations. Typical OOH formats include billboards, bus-stop shelters. The big question is – Does Out-Of-Home advertising really work?

Based on a rapidly changing environment, brands now recognize that Outdoor advertising is on an upward trajectory in comparison to other forms of marketing. Well as digital advertising and email campaigns offer better targeting, in the world today, people are so tired of pop ups and have resorted to ‘skip’ and use of special software to block them. It is reassuring to know that there’s no software to block outdoor ads.

Some national and international brands now use outdoor ads to redirect traffic to their digital platforms by encouraging online searches which lead to engagement, purchases and loyalty.

Again, wondering how impactful outdoor advertising is? Research conducted by The Arbitron National In-Car Study paints a clear picture of the impact that billboard ads have on consumers’ purchase behavior. According to the research “billboard viewers make shopping decisions while in the car.” In fact, 72% of billboard viewers said they sometimes or frequently shop on their way home from work. 68% said they frequently or sometimes make shopping decisions while in the car and 38% make the decision to stop at a store while on their way home.

Furthermore, 24% said they were motivated to visit a particular store that day because of a billboard message they saw and 32% said they visited a specific retailer later in the week because of a billboard ad they saw. And 24% said they IMMEDIATELY visited a business because of an outdoor ad they saw.

It goes to show that out of home (OOH) ads not only capture consumers’ attention drive action as well.

However, the effects of Coronavirus on the OOH experience cannot be ignored, the word is staying indoors and Brands don’t need any presence outside during this season. When we overcome the pandemic – you need to rethink your outdoor advertising to grow your revenue and we are happy to help!

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