The Curious Case of rising number of Billboards in Kampala

You would think that a pandemic year, that featured 3 months of hard lockdown and restricted movement in general, Would set back the industry ,well that is not the case, 2020 saw an increase in billboard installations like no other year


So, what’s the reason behind the rising number of billboards in Kampala?


According to the Company News website, The simple answer is KCCA cannot regulate the number of billboards going up in the city currently. This is because, in 2020, it was taken to court by the Outdoor Owners Association, and until the case is closed, it cannot carry out its regulatory duties. With no KCCA fees to pay, outdoor media houses have latched onto this opportunity to put up as many billboards as they can with no restrictions.


Wouldn’t one argue that this is cost effective, and therefore a good thing for marketers?


Unfortunately, no. Ideally, only 65% of billboards should be occupied in a given place. This is to avoid overcrowding, and in turn, make available billboards more effective in driving brand awareness. Therefore, in the long run, a rush to put up billboards because of the seemingly cheaper costs ends up being even more expensive in the long run. Watch the space!


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