What is out of home advertising?

Out of Home Advertising is also known as outdoor advertising, out of home media or outdoor media. This is a uniquely creative and imaginative way of influencing consumer purchasing power and behavior. Out of home advertising focuses on use of the environment as a way of marketing to consumers whilst they are on the go in public places, in transit, waiting (like in an office) and at a specific commercial location that is to say a retail venue.

Out of Home Advertising tools include billboards, point of sale displays, street furniture like bus shelters, kiosks, and telephone booths, transit advertising on taxis, buses, subways and trains, mobile billboards and also guerilla advertising also referred to as ambient advertising.

With the penetration of the internet and fast growing digital economies, Out of Home Advertising has further been categorized into two i.e. Traditional and Digital. Traditional Out of Home Advertising includes using billboards, posters, wallscapes, transit advertising and guerilla advertising. These are mainly located in high traffic areas to easily attract attention. On the other hand, Digital Out of Home advertising refers to the dynamic media distributed across place based networks in venues including cafes, bars, restaurants, arenas, gas stations, airports, barber shops, colleges, health places, cinemas, digital billboards and signages among others. It easily engages consumers/audiences and more so extends the reach and effectiveness of the marketing messages albeit it mostly benefits owners of places and advertisers.

This form of advertising interestingly benefits communities through construction and maintenance of shelters that people use while waiting for taxis or buses and also helps businesses address their audiences while they are travelling.

This kind of advertising is cost effective, has a high reach and builds immediate brand awareness as it is 24/7 medium of advertising.

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